Monday, 9 February 2015

Some People's Children...

Okay so today as I was washing my hair for the second time in the shower (yes... it needed to be washed THAT bad), it hit me. That horrible, almost debilitating feeling of embarrassment over something that I did just a little while back. It just washed over me and I let out this quiet "uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh" of shame. And horror. And I wanted to die. 

Does this happen to anyone else?? Or is it just me? I mean, literally every embarrassing thing that I have ever done will come back to me at some point and I just want to die. Again. Or maybe even for the first time because I didn't totally realize how much I had embarrassed myself that one time. Which is what happened today.

Okay, so let me set the scene for you: Just a normal day. Except for maybe not quite as normal because I've started texting a friend I haven't talked to in a while. I get asked a question that I think they asked sort of funny and I totally start laughing and made a little fun of them. No big deal. I answer what I thought was their question and we move on with our lives. (Okay so even as I'm typing this, I'm getting that horrendous feeling again... UUUGGHHHH.) Jump forward to today in the shower... ALL OF A SUDDEN I realize what they had actually meant and BOOM. I want to shoot myself. Honestly, it's not even that big of a deal, right? Right?? I mean... they probably don't even remember. BUT I DO. I KNOW. And it will probably bug me for the rest of my life. Because that's how my mind works. And usually when this terrible debilitating embarrassment washes over me, it's not just that one thing that happened that one time... Slowly ALL the things that happened those one times just BOOM BOOM BOOM... hit me.


Everyone please tell me this isn't just me. I already know that I seriously hate to be embarrassed. Or wrong. Or have someone angry at me. They all invoke various degrees of that same "I want to shoot myself" feeling. Like "everyone please stop looking at me or talking to me right now while I go hide in the corner and you forget I exist" kinda thing. No? Anyone? 

Anyway, that's basically all I have to write down today... It's just seriously bothering me. Person that I embarrassed myself in text to, I really hope you don't remember. I promise that I'm actually super smart!! (I feel like Austin and that one time he finally got the "banana slippers" joke... Oh my.)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

LUSH!!!!! All the henna all the time

So I just wanted to add a bunch of pictures and throw out my review of henna out there in to the Interwebs... I suppose I COULD have just posted all this junk to Facebook... but what's the fun in that?! It's a new year.. I should use my blog more often.

OKAY! So let's just get in to this, shall we??
I'm just going to really start this off by saying that I haven't dyed my hair in like... almost 6 years. I mean, I did put those blonde streaks in it last summer and threw in some pink.. but I don't really count that as "dying my hair" cuz it wasn't my whole head. SO I've really missed having different colour hair, BUT I didn't at all miss the dry terribleness that my hair became very shortly after putting chemical dye in it. So what's a girl to do?? Enter Lush Henna. It's all natural, set in cocoa butter... sounds like an amazing moisturizing treatment, right? Well, I'll let you know what I think in a few days about that aspect. But it's not some terrible thing opening up my hair cuticles and shoving colour in there and then just leaving the cuticles open for all the moisture to escape! (Did ya like that mini hair lesson? 3 months of hair school was good for something after all!)
The fabulous Kirsten gave me a gift certificate to Lush for Christmas and I hadn't quite decided what to buy when I stumbled upon the henna... yet again. And it's not like I was really paying for it so I thought "What the heck?" and dropped a Caca Marron in my cart. And it got to my house yesterday. And I dyed my hair today. And I. Am. In. LOVE! Guys. GUYS! I love my hair being a different colour... and I'm pretty sure I was meant to be a red head because my skin tone is just PERFECT with this colour!

Okay so I wanted to add a few pictures just so you guys could see EXACTLY how this went down and you TOO can decide if you want to take this henna adventure.

Okay so number one, it comes in this big block... something like this:

You then have to chop it in to chunks... so it looks something like this:

Okay... not so bad so far right?? You now have weird chunks of greenish brown stuff in a bowl that sort of smells like... really strong coffee grounds? (Probably because of the coffee grounds that they mixed in with the henna... BUT WHAT DO I KNOW?) And then you pour boiling water over it and mix it in a double boiler til it's all dissolved(ish) and looks like diarrhea... I mean is the consitency of brownie batter:

So before you get to the dye part, slather your face and neck and ears with something greasy... preferably Vaseline or coconut oil or the like. Then you take the poo... I mean mud... I mean henna and slop it gracefully in to your hair so that you then look like this:

And if your counter doesn't look this this, you're doing it wrong:
(Uh... yeah... it's ridiculously messy. All the internet peeps say so. Lay down some garbage bags, k?)

THEN, because you can't henna without looking 100% ridiculous, you wrap your head in cling wrap and then plop a shower cap on top to keep it all in place (plus the heat from your head helps the henna to penetrate more):

And the second to last step is to leave it in forever. Or like 4 hours. Whatever you decide. 
When that's all done, you wash it out in the shower (SORRYYYY, no pics of that!). The hardest part, especially with my ridiculously thick hair was getting all the coffee grounds out. Pretty sure there's still some in there. Also, after reading and watching some reviews and videos, I didn't actually shampoo my hair. I just ran some conditioner through it to help get rid of the extra chunks and bits (plus conditioners have surfactants in them still, which is the thing that cleans... THE MORE YOU KNOW!)
And the final result??? I know you're all dying (I'm so punny) to see it! 

Um.. super fabulous right???? I love it so much. I decided just before I did it that I didn't even care what colour it turned in to, as long as it was different than before. And it's AMAZING. I'm going to try the other colours that they have at Lush as well (except maybe Caca Rouge... not sure I'm ready for flaming orange hair just yet). 
What do you think? Do you love it?? I'm not exactly sure it's totally worth the smell and the mess, but I'm really excited about having different hair colour without all the chemicals and damage. I'm curious to see how long it lasts as well. 

Here's a different pic, just because I also wanted to show off the purple liquid eyeliner I got from Lush at the same time... Because you're never too old for purple eyeliner ;)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I'm still alive!

Yeah yeah, I know.  If you don't say anything, I won't either.  I mean... it's only been like... a year, right?

ANYWAYS.  Let me just start off by saying, I don't think I'll ever get this mom thing down solid.  You'd think after having a constantly leaking baby Becca I would have learned by now that bringing an extra outfit for my kid is a necessity.  But apparently I haven't.  My family and I went out to get Hyram's trail cam... and of course upon arriving to the place where we were going to start our hike, I realized that baby Celia had pooped out of her diaper and all over her pants and onesie... *sigh*.  FACE. PALM.  Seriously?!  Oh well. Good thing it's still Summer. Maybe I'll get this thing down before it gets actually cold... which may be sooner because I'm moving.
Aaaand that brings me to my second item of business... I've moved A LOT of times in my life and oddly enough, I never hated it.  Maybe it's because I was pretty shy so I never really had a lot of friends to leave and after moving so many times it just was exciting, or maybe it's because I always had my family, who I LOVE and so losing any friends I DID have was never that huge of a deal because at least I had them.  Whatever the case, I have always found moving to be so exciting.  In fact, I find myself getting quite restless after several months in one place.  My sister and I used to move our furniture around all the time because we would get bored... Or all us kids would decide to switch rooms just for fun.  But now, as I find myself getting ready to move again, I just can't seem to find that same excitement.  I've made way too many friends here and I have a sister that is SO close, which has been so amazing considering most of  my family is so far away (and if you remember from ready about 5 seconds ago, I seriously love my family).  I'm pretty sure Vanderhoof will be a grand adventure for us all and I'm sure that I'll make many friends relatively quickly, especially seeing as how Hyram's got married friends up there and that pretty much means automatic friends for me... But I think moving is just getting harder and harder for me.  I suppose that's probably a good thing.  Maybe I just need to remember this feeling the next time I start getting restless and maybe just move some couches and beds around instead of looking at different apartments....

Well, that's it for today.  You'd think I'd have more to tell after not writing anything for a year... one day I'll post a birth story on here and add some cutie pictures.  And also I'll have to write about my fabulous life in Vanderhoof... Back to the Great White North I go! 
Or at least the Great Geographical Center of BC... Close enough.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Death Hiking

So from the title, you obviously know what I’m going to tell you about… You better get ready… it’s a pretty epic tale. I will tell you guys about Death Hiking (AKA- looking for sheep).
Hyram actually convinced me that we should go sheep hunting… or what really ended up as my first (and LAST) Death Mountain Climbing Adventure.  “We will take the 4 wheeler”, he said. “You will barely have to hike at all”, he said. “This will be a fun adventure”, he said.


Death Hiking- Part 1
So we go on nice drive up to Cassiar (like an hour’s drive) and park the truck and unload the ATV. I strap baby on, and we start on our nice ride up the mountain. We get to one spot where he stops and we walk a little ways on mostly flat ground (although there were a lot of rocks) to the spot he thought he should stop and start looking for sheep. We sat there for a while looking at mountains and feeling the nice breeze and the warm sunshine on our backs. So comforting. The baby even had a good time looking through the binoculars 
 and playing in the licheny, grassy patch that we had found to sit on. After Hyram got tired of looking at empty mountains, we made our way back to the ATV and started on our way again deeper into the mountains.  There was even a path! I was so happy just to sit on the four wheeler and enjoy the scenery and bump along the road, holding on to my husband… breathing fresh air… listening to Becca make cute happy noises and point at things that she noticed along the way.  Doesn’t that sound lovely? Yeah. That’s what I thought too. And then it ended.
All of a sudden, the ATV had gone as far as it would go, parked on like, a 45 degree incline (not even really joking). All of a sudden, I went from happily enjoying my view of the mountains to HATING their existence. 
Now, I don’t normally enjoy hiking that much, especially carrying a 25 lb weight on my back (that also wiggles), but I deal. I can see how people can enjoy hiking up a hill with a nice path to follow, at steady incline.  But how someone can enjoy tearing pain in their calves and having to basically take two steps to go the length of one because of the stupid loose, sharp, slippery rocky slope that you are trying to climb, losing your breath after 2 seconds and sweating profusely (and believe me, I NEVER sweat)… I will never understand.
Needless to say, I was ready to cry after my second step. But I kept going.
“We only have to climb like, 500 feet!”  Yeah. Okay. WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN?! I can barely even tell how much 2 inches is with my fingers let alone look up the dreaded, evil slope of a mountain and calculate how far 500 feet is. To my ears, it sounded like a lot… But I looked up, saw the crest of the part of the mountain we were on and thought “okay, I can go THAT far… that’s not that bad”. So we get to the crest of the hill that I saw. And we even stopped! I ate some food. We looked around the basin that we had come upon… and I thought “Okay, so here we are, we’ll look around for a while, and then turn back!” How wrong I was.  I then realized that Hyram wanted to go ALL the way up.  And I looked up. And I almost died just looking at what he wanted me to climb.  And at first I said “Nope, no way! I can’t do that!” But, anyone who REALLY knows me knows that I don’t like to look like a wimpy girl… Even though I AM a wimpy girl. So I decided to keep going.  Don’t even ask me why I did it. 

I got to the top.  I sat down.  I was seriously ready to cry.  And that’s where I thought Hyram wanted to stop. I mean, we were basically on the top of the mountain.  You can see everything, for goodness sakes… But I guess I should know Hyram better than that.  He suffers from what we like to call “thebearwentoverthemountainitis”. It’s a very serious condition.  He just HAS to know what’s behind that next peak… what’s over there?  Probably something that I would like to see… Probably… I’ll just go to THAT peak over there and then I’ll stop…
Yeah. Right.

I didn’t keep going with him. I sat down on that mountain ridge and ate some more food.  I made Becca take a nap (yeah, that’s right… I’m still super mom, even on a scary mountain), and drank most of the water that we had and waited for Hyram to come back.  He had gone just a little higher up, then he was going to go down and along the ridge just to see if there was a sheep over there.  After a while of rest and getting a little lonely and a little cold, I decided to climb to the VERY top of the mountain. I might be able to see Hyram better from there when he decided to come back… Or if he got a sheep, I was sure I would be able to hear the gun shot better from there.  And going up the rest of the way wasn’t nearly that bad… probably because I had been able to rest for a half hour.
There I waited. I looked around, sang songs and hymns to Becca (it seems appropriate to sing hymns as loud as you can on the top of a mountain) and kept a look out (and an ear out) for Hyram.  Not too long later, I did see him come back on top of the ridge and make his way back to me. I’m not sure if he was impressed that I finally did make it to the top of the mountain, but I was definitely proud of myself.  I was also excited that I was there on the very top with him.

Death Hiking- Part 2

But right about then, the excitement ended.
I discovered that day that the only thing harder than going UP a slippery, rocky sloped mountain is going back DOWN that very same slippery, rocky sloped mountain. And it was made exponentially harder by the fact that I was wearing a 25 lb wiggly pack on my back. 
As much as I wanted to stop and give up, I just knew I couldn’t. I mean… who was going to come get me? The four wheeler definitely couldn’t, and I sure as heck don’t know any giant eagles… So I just slowly but surely (or… not always so surely) made my way back down. 

Death hiking doesn’t end when you get all the way up.
I got almost half way down the first hill that we had climbed and I could feel my legs starting to shake and give out and I called down to Hyram (who of COURSE was already waiting at the ATV) “Can I just roll the rest of the way?!” That would have been so much nicer.  Probably a lot more dangerous, but definitely easier.
Needless to say, I made it. Obviously. I’m sitting here writing about it in my tiny tin shack on the shores of Dease Lake.
But I will never EVER do that EVER again. Sorry Hyram. I hate Death Hiking.
Especially when don’t even get to kill anything at the end! (Except yourself of course… because you know.. it IS Death Hiking.)

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Well, today will be all about Cassandra.
Okay… so not JUST about Cassandra, but she did just come for a 2 week visit, and that was really exciting because you know… it’s not very often that people my age come to visit!!!!

It was sort of random and last minute (sound like anyone ELSE we know? Hyram?). She called while Hyram and Drew and their friend Ryan were gone sheep hunting to ask Pat if it would be alright if she came up for a few days for Drew’s birthday (which was August 10th, Happy Birthday!!!). Obviously it was alright… I mean, who could say no to Cassandra?! Well… hmm… ANYWAYS.

So she came! Hyram and I drove up with Drew to go pick her up and we went the day before so we could fit in some shopping (of course. Whenever anyone goes anywhere, you just expect that you’ll have a super long list of things to do for everyone else). We all drove down and it was a fun drive… it’s nice to have someone else to talk to once in a while… I’m sure I talked her ear off, and I’m sure she didn’t mind… but I always know that Hyram is just in awe of how much I can talk to someone I barely know! But as I always say, girls can just do that. We all have uteruses and that’s pretty much all you need to have in common… you have a billion things to talk about just around THAT subject, and pretty much everything else in our lives stems from having crazy hormones.
I wish I could have seen the present that Cassandra got Drew (apparently, I didn’t wake up early enough). It sounded so cute! She gave him a tackle box with 112 things that she loved about Drew and little pictures and things to represent all those things… OH MY GOSH!!!! I have the cutest… girlfriend in-law???? EVER!!!

So what did we do while she was here? Well, we went four wheeling up to Little Dease (well, close to it, we didn’t go all the way to the lake), on the way there Zina spotted some little baby rabbits, one ran away and one almost got run over by Drew and Cassandra and was having trouble getting up! So she stopped and picked it up.

 We caught Grayling (yum!) and Dolly Varden (not so yummy) and cooked them on a rock (Dolly was skewered on a stick) over a campfire! 

We drove up Mount Haskin (which is about an hour-ish away… how many mountains can you drive all the way to the top?!) and looked around for sheep or some other animal… and we didn’t see anything! It was really windy and rainy, so I spent a lot of time in the truck because it was a little too cold for me and Becca to go out… but I DID get a few cute pictures of the happy couple.

And one day, Cassandra and I basically talked the WHOLE day. Like, actually for 10 hours we were talking. The boys were at work and Pat and the girls had to go down to Prince George for several different reasons (including Summer needing to get her wisdom teeth pulled… poor Summer!). So we just talked! That’s what girls do best, right? And you know, it was the kind of talking that even if someone had come up to me right after and been like “so, what did you talk about?”  I’d have had to say that I didn’t even know! I mean, we talked about LOTS of things… From how silly boys are, to what the heck can we do about these boys!, to some more personal stuff, and then talking about how stupid hair is or how much we wish we were boys instead because it would just be SO much easier…. But then remembering that boys are silly and deciding that’s it’s probably best to be a girl… Even WITH the periods and hormones and, and, and… How do you even talk for all day about nothing and everything? Girls are ridiculous. But anyways… it was a good day. I laughed, I cried, and I got to know someone else more than I ever thought I would get to know her! So awesome!
I remember Drew said to me one day while I was talking with Cassandra and asking her questions and we were discovering a lot of things we had in common “You know, it’s a good thing you’re here because I probably wouldn’t have ever know these things about Cassandra!”
Don’t feel bad, Drew! That’s just how girls are. And especially girls of the same age… we remember a lot of the same cartoons and songs and things from when we were kids… we’re basically the same person. It’s crazy that both Hyram and Drew have found two girls so similar! I would say that we even come from similar family types… loud, live in cities, and really like to go on vacations together (although my dad likes the outdoors a little more than hers, I think)! I love all my family even though we were sometimes in spaces a little too small for that many people… and I think Cassandra is the same way.
Cassandra is now gone… and funnily enough, she’s on a vacation with her family! I miss having her here… Maybe if boys weren’t so silly, she’d be here a little more…. HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. I can’t wait until the next person comes to visit me… KIRSTEN AND LAUREL!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

More Adventure of Alex... In Ottawa?!

Hey all

So…. Can we just pretend that it HASN’T been 2.5 months since my last post? You know… like best friends? You just… pick up where you left off? Yeah. Let’s do that.

So obviously I should have LOTS of things to write about… and you would be absolutely correct. And because you are so correct, I’m going to have to split this up into a couple different parts so y’all don’t become so overwhelmed with the mass amounts of cool things that I’ve done and get TOO jealous (although I’m sure you’ll get jealous anyways because, let’s face it, my life is SO much cooler than yours).

So the first thing I’m going to mention is I am STILL living in my tiny tin shack. And I will be until the end of my time here. Unfortunately, everyone here is so busy working on mining and making money (who’d have thought) that my cabin has fallen by the way side. I have to say, though, that it does look pretty freaking cool. I guess I need to go take a picture of it so everyone can see it. It’s mostly all framed in and the roof is 100% on, but that’s about it. LOTS of stuff still needs to happen so we can live in it. But I guess there’s always next year… when we come to visit… and NOT to work.. RIGHT HONEY?!
So I’ve been thinking a lot about writing this post and I’m still not really sure what I need to write about… I’m sure that once I choose something I’m going to forget half of what I need to write about and someone will get mad at me for forgetting this cool thing or that hilarious thing that happened. But oh well… If anyone remembers something that I forgot to mention, you can just add it in the comments down below.

So I suppose what I will write about today will be my trip to Ottawa, back at the end of June.
I was so happy to be able to go this summer! I wanted to go and do my sister Leslie’s hair and makeup for her grade 12 prom… YAY!!! Graduated! She’s so old and growed up… when did that even happen? I promise you, it was like… a week ago and she was 10 and SUPER annoying. Sorry Les… but you WERE annoying. I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because I was all old and mature when you were 10. You know… cuz I was 15. BUT ANYWAYS. Leslie is much cooler now. And taller. And more beautiful… AGH!!! I should be living in Ottawa to protect her from all the boys that are going to be chasing her….
ANYWAYS. So I went to Ottawa. BUT! Before I got there, I stopped in Calgary for a day. I got to hang out with my sister Laurel ALL day. We went to the Calgary zoo, and then got lost trying to find Kirsten’s work place. We basically drove all across the city like 3 times. Then Kirsten was finally off work and we went to a burger place that I don’t remember the name of (Laurel, you’ll have to help me out here) and it was DELICIOUS… and then the three of us just hung out and talked and laughed. I seriously hadn’t laughed like that in a long time! I love Hyram’s family SO much… but nothing compares to your own crazy friends and family! Anyways, the next day I got back on the plane and headed to Ottawa. Becca does really quite good on planes. I can usually get her to sleep most of the time and when she’s not sleeping, she’s pretty good at playing in her one tiny little spot. I felt bad for her sometimes because I could tell that she was getting frustrated at not being able to go explore, but the other passengers were really nice and tried to offer her things to play with or eat.  She also REALLY enjoys take off and landing, she gets a very excited look on her face and laughs or kicks her feet excitedly. So cute!
So I get to Ottawa and my mom picks me up. I missed my mom so much! It was so nice to be able to talk with her and hang out and just do normal life things, like grocery shopping. And I just got to sit and relax and talk to her while she worked. I’m sure she wishes she could have done more things with me, but it was nice just to be able to do that… kinda like when I was living at home. Well, minus the watching her do her job thing.
While I was in Ottawa I got to take both my parents out for a meal… I really like to do that! I took my mom out to Lone Star (YUM!!!!!!) and my dad and I went to a Lebanese place after taking Becca out for a walk to a little water park.

 I also got to go visit my sister Amy… and after wasting a whole morning TRYING to figure out how the heck to rent a car (seriously, it’s almost impossible when you don’t have your own credit card), I finally got to her house and spent the next couple of days ogling her new little baby 

and being totally amazed at how freaking huge her children are! I remember them all as little babies… it’s completely ridiculous that Averie is already FIVE. Kids grow faster when you’re not around to watch them.
Amy and I went to the beach (Becca’s first time being in water),

picked blueberries and bought ice cream… MMMM LAURENTIAN DAIRY!!!!!!!!! It’s nice to get to know Amy better because I sometimes feel like she’s SO old… I mean, she’s not… but she has been married for forever and has 4 kids. And when I was a kid I was sure she was so mature. But it’s nice to finally realize that she’s mostly just my sister and knows a LOT of very useful things that I’m glad she knows, because now I can just learn from her and not have to figure it all out on my own. Huh… maybe I’M just getting old. I totally am. I’m 23, you know. AND I’ve been married for 3 years. And I have an almost 1 year old baby!!! HOLY. COW.
Anyways, back to my trip.
I got to go to the Montreal temple with my mom… that was so nice! I really love going to the temple. It makes me so happy and just totally releases all stress and makes you so peaceful. I guess I always come out with a better understanding of myself and life and the Gospel, but I don’t always realize it right then. It really is a wonderful place!
On our way home from the temple, we stopped first to go and eat at our favorite Chinese buffet… As we drove up my mom said “You know, one of these days we’re going to come here and it’s not going to be here” and guess what? It had been replaced! Still sort of the same theme I guess… It’s now a dim sum restaurant… Not sure that I really enjoyed it (although Becca had a really good time).

I mean, what we ate was good, but it’s just not really my thing I guess… Especially since I didn’t really know what half the things were and none of the people there spoke English, lol.
We then stopped for gelato. It was REALLY good, but my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach because I could not finish it!
Another thing that happened while I was over there was that I got to meet Tamarah. She is a girl living with my parents (that’s a LONG story that I won’t get into on here) and she is so nice! I was able to talk to her like any of my other siblings and I got to take her shopping and she got me addicted to Draw Something. I’m really glad that I got to know her and I hope someday she’ll be able to move closer to where I am… mostly because I want EVERYONE I know to move closer to where I am. But also because she is a really fun girl to hang out with… and you can never have too many friends… especially ones who are younger than you that remind you of the good ol’ single days!
Oh! I can’t believe I saved this for last. The whole reason I went to Ottawa was to do my sister’s hair and makeup (and also her friends’ as well). That was so much fun! I really love doing that kind of a thing… it makes me feel so creative and useful!  They all looked really beautiful (thanks to ME of course) and I’m happy they trusted me with themselves. 

I think that’s everything that I can think of for that… It was an excellent trip and I miss my family again already. I always cry when I get there and cry when I leave… seriously, my mom gives WAY too good of hugs. Maybe one day my parents will retire to BC and I’ll get to see them all the time!

Okay, well, that’s all for today. Tune in tomorrow for more adventures of “Alex in Dease”.